UAO Training Philosophy

In our dojos our Aikido training philosophy is based on 'awareness and discovery.'

Awareness is to live our moment to the fullest whilst we maintain our connection with ourselves, and with all manifestations of life -physical and spiritual- that's around us, and observe and immerse ourselves in it.

Discovery, then, is about discovering all that relates to us, all that touches us, seeking and tapping into all kinds of feelings, thoughts, physical interactions that we are yet to experience, and improve.

The bedrock of our training philosophy is to ensure spiritual change, spiritual improvement through challenging physical training. Training or our 'teaching' does not rely on words, and that's why during class, trainers keep their verbal interaction to a minimum and trainees quiet.

Although Aikido training has a challenging physical aspect, it is not a fitness or a wellness program.

All aikidoka has a price to pay yet this does not endow anyone any customer rights. If there is anyone not happy with training, all s/he can do is but end it.


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