Why Choose Us

  • United Aikido Organisation is an elite organization thanks to its trainers, its perspective on training, technical level, its world view and the international relations it pursues.
  • Mustafa Aygün, our technical beacon, is one of the most prominent students of Kenji Kumagai Shihan, who brought Aikido to Turkey for the first time. It was for no other reason that Kumagai Shihan has invited Mustafa Aygün to Japan for special a training.
  • Mustafa Aygün's discipline that he acquired during his training in Japan is cascaded to all UAO dojos, with no exception.
  • All UAO trainers all over have been raised with the same philosophy no less than they are altruistic, democratic, modern individuals equipped with an intellectual view of the world.
  • We are a highly-trained group.
  • Cleanliness, order, good physical conditions are the keywords to define our dojos.
  • In or dojos, we do not learn to fight but how to achieve spiritual advancement through rugged physical training.
  • In our dojos, we have many women aikidoka, too.
  • Our classes for children are advancing fast thanks to our experienced trainers.
  • Then, apart from training Aikido, we are a big family. See our social activities apart from training.
  • Since our foundation in 1989, we are a family enjoying companionship more than just sports.

If what you have read resonates with you, why not come and join us? You are most welcome!


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