United Aikido Organisation is happy to announce the official resolution by the AikiKarateDo Federation in the neighborly Islamic Republic of Iran to continue its Aikido training under the supervision of Mustafa Aygün as its chief instructor.

As part of this cooperation, Mustafa Aygün and Amir Hosain Amiri, the Chairman of the AikiKarateDo Federation, have agreed to continue training under the rules of the Aikikai and in observance of the principles laid down by O’Sensei, the founder of Aikido.
The biggest Aikido organization in the region, United Aikido Organisation now becomes a bigger and a stronger family thanks to the participation of the AikiKarateDo Federation.

Per the agreement to start activities as soon as the pandemic is over, the first seminar is scheduled for September 2021, in Iran.

It is our shared responsibility to strive for a World of Love and Peace.


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